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Being raised as the daughter of determined immigrant parents, who owned small businesses throughout my life,

I was gifted an unfiltered view into the unpredictable odyssey of entrepreneurship – its soaring joys and heartrending setbacks, its moments of victory and the struggles that define it.


Witnessing my family's enduring journey as business owners for 26 years not only carved the contours of my identity but also etched into me the profound understanding that concealed within every small business owner is an exceptional narrative, one that crafts them as intricate humans, leaves a mark on their families, and cements the foundations of a community.


These realizations ignited a desire in me to share the stories of those who’ve walked similar paths.

Natasha Barrera Lightbulbs Podcast

"Introducing 'Lightbulbs with Natasha': A fresh podcast illuminating the dynamic world of

small business owners in Los Angeles.


Hosted by Natasha, this podcast is your backstage pass into the journeys of local small business owners.

Tune in as Natasha delves into the captivating stories behind these small business heroes, sharing their

invaluable lessons, and overcoming failures, and triumphs.


Lightbulbs with Natasha' isn't just a podcast—it's an open invitation to join a thriving community.

Explore the pulse of your neighborhood's business landscape, uncover the secrets of sustained success,

and ignite your own entrepreneurial aspirations.


Our goal is to connect, learn, and inspire together, shaping the future for the next generation of

business trailblazers."

Why Lightbulbs?

This passion for storytelling and empowerment culminated in the creation of "Lightbulbs."

To me, "Lightbulbs" encapsulates that pivotal moment of revelation – the instant when the weight of responsibility on our shoulders is momentarily replaced by a surge of inspiration or a transformative idea.


It's the feeling that drives us, as business owners, to persevere even in the face of adversity. I'm here to share stories – the stories of those who have faced challenges head-on, shaping their lives, families, and communities.


Together, let's illuminate the unique journeys that make us who we are.

Share your Story. Support your Community

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